Happy Holidays from all of us at MAYA
Design Group!
Our web-card contains greetings from each of us!

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picture to see our greetings. Otherwise, click on a picture.
Jack Keil Bill Lucas Don Smith Dove
Beth Mazur Upside-down A Ken Tanaka Dean Thompson
Joe Ballay Steve Little Pete Lucas Diane Stidle Ed Condrick
Dave Bishop Bob O'Connell Lori Paul Snowflake Phil Stroffolino
Blaine Burks Noah Guyot Jeff Senn

Row 1 (from left to right): Jack Keil, Bill Lucas, Don Smith, Susan Salis. Row 2: Beth Mazur, Ken Tanaka, Dean Thompson. Row 3: Joe Ballay, Steve Little, Pete Lucas, Diane Stidle, Ed Condrick. Row 4: Dave Bishop, Bob O'Connell, Lori Paul, Phil Stroffolino. Row 5: Blaine Burks, Noah Guyot, Jeff Senn.

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